Cat Basket Kitten Ears

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With its particular design, the Cat's Head Kennel will suit both big and small cats who appreciate a safe, clean and easily transportable shelter in the house, in order to select the quietest places to fall asleep

The kennel consists of two parts, which you assemble with a zipper. Like a coat, pull up the zipper to complete the cat's head, and you're done!

Very soft felt touch. The kennel remains rigid for safe handling!

With its small round opening (7"/18cm diameter), the kennel offers a good solution to keep your cats safe and make them feel secure.

Indeed, the darkness offered by a closed shelter gives the impression of isolation. Hidden, your cats will rest and fall asleep quickly.

Delivered with its small removable cushion for an easy cleaning!

Dimensions: Width 38cm, Height 34cm, Depth 28 cm. (15x13x11")

Easily transportable and cleanable thanks to the Zip.