Cat Basket Heating Pad

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When the weather turns cold, you need to act fast to protect your pets from the cold.

Quickly plug in the Cat Heater with its USB cable and treat your cat to a warm, comforting temperature.

By resting on the heated cushion, your companion relaxes muscles and joints. This makes for a restful night's sleep and helps your cat enjoy his or her life better.

The cushion is very fluffy and will please the touch and the coat of your feline. This will increase his comfort and make him more easily adopted.

If you already have a kennel or a cat carrier, you can replace the existing cushion with this one so as not to disturb your pet's habits. He will appreciate the novelty!

The heating system can be removed from the cushion to allow you to easily clean the cushion of hair or odors.

Like a hot water bottle, your cat will rest and relax on it to better enjoy the heat that comes out of it.

The temperature reaches 28.5° Celsius, soft and comforting for your cat.

Characteristics of the heating pad

  • Diameter: 40cm / 16"
  • Connection: USB cable.
  • Mains: 5V (mains adapter not included)
  • Power: 6 Watts