Cat Basket Hammock

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Would you like to watch your cat relax all day in a new indoor cat swing hammock, then don't waste any more time, adopt this hammock.

This cat hammock is easy to set up, no matter where you are. Your cat will love hanging higher. Your cat will be in seventh heaven, napping in this hammock.

Cats love to sleep and we love our cats. So why not give them a special, comfortable place to nap! Cats love to sleep in elevated areas.

The height offers safety to cats because they are out of reach of potential dangers. It also gives them a great vantage point, both for seeing potential enemies before they get close and for hunting.

The hammock carrier conforms to your cat's body, providing a feeling of warmth, safety and comfort. For more than a year, this hammock will be your cat's favorite place!

You will love this cat hammock.

This high quality cat hammock is lightweight, can easily be placed anywhere in the house and of course, it can be disassembled just as easily even for travel.
Hang it under a chair, or on the pillars of your cat tree.

Soft cotton materials for easy machine washing.