Cat Basket for Window

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Your cat likes to be entertained. That's why he puts himself up high to watch the world around him. Let him satisfy his desires with the Cat Window Box. It will give him the best view!

With its three powerful suction cups, he'll be safe and secure up high, without the risk of falling. He'll enjoy his great view and rest.

To have a good grip: please have a well cleaned and dust free glass. The suction cups will stay in place for a long time! The basket can support a cat up to 10kg!

The cat feels safe and secure in the high position. It can observe your house from its bed and capture your attention with its meow easily. It's impossible to miss it. So you won't have to bend down to pet him or offer him a treat.

It comes with a small removable mattress for easy cleaning.
In addition, it offers a very cute design with its two points that remind the ears of the cat.