Comfy Cat Cushion

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Here's how to counter THE problem of the 21st century : back pain. Always have a good Back Support behind you !

Like everyone else, you drive while seated, you read while seated, you work while seated, in short, your day is spent sitting !

It's no wonder that pressure on your vertebrae builds up and that immobility does not help strengthen your abdominal belt.

But as a complement to your fitness routine, you still need to work and move around, and we understand!

That's why placing supports on your spine during your long hours of sitting is the BEST thing you can do! It will keep you "straighter" and promote a much more beneficial back posture in the long run!

About the Lumbar Support Cushion :
  • Materials: Outer shell: Plush, cotton.
  • Filling: Cotton PP
  • Cushion 14" x 12" / 35 x 30 cm