Black and White Cat Coffee Mugs

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Are you feeling like an angel or a demon this morning? Maybe a little of both? Choose your Camp and spread your wings with the Black and White Cat Coffee Mugs !

Black and White Cat Coffee Mugs Features

This porcelain mug is beautifully finished with a cute cat design that has its eyes turned towards you.
On the Angel side, you have a White Cat with small white wings and a very cute look
On the Demon side, you have a Black Cat with black wings and a suspicious look.
Comes with a cute spoon that is also decorated with a little cat's paw on the end.
The porcelain lid is open to let your spoon pass through.
The black handle draws a curve that reminds you of a cat tail. This mug has a truly feline design all the way!
Ceramic Cat Mug with a capacity of : 500ml