Banana Cat Bed

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Let your furry ball slide into this Banana Cat Bed !

✅ Does your cat like to nap? The BananaBed is perfect for your cat to rest in, hide in, and spy on anyone who passes by unsuspecting!

✅ Plush, comfortable and extremely soft, your pet is sure to love this bed

Open or close the banana peel with its velcro closure for maximum comfort and playfulness
✅ The BananaBed is ideal for cats, rabbits, puppies and other pets.

✅ With 4 sizes to choose from, it offers your furry friend a sublime sleeping space of their own.

✅ This dog house can ideally be placed in a bedroom, living room, office or any other comfortable living space.


✅ Cozy and Comfortable: Adorable banana shape, super plush with soft material. Very comfortable to touch. Create a safe feeling and a deep sleep place for your pet to snuggle and make a nest.

✅ Breathable and secure: Designed with a semi-open lid, your pet will have enough space to breathe when they enter.

✅ Washable: can be machine washed.

✅ Versatile: Small, medium and large cats or dogs, even rabbits or hamsters.

Protect their sleep cycle
✅ Cats sleep twice as much as humans (over 14 hours ), and kittens sleep even more (nearly 16 hours). Disruption or lack of sleep can be detrimental to your cat's health.

✅ Since you treat your cat like a member of the family, you probably want to make sure she's comfortable. That's why we designed our adorable Banana Bed so your cat can enjoy a warm, restful and comfortable sleep.

✅ Invest in your pets well-being, invest in your peace of mind, invest with us.